Boston Marathon runners return home to the Valley

PHOENIX - More than a dozen Boston Marathon runners returned home to the Valley Tuesday just thankful to be home.

Monday's bombing shook the participants and the rest of the country.

The runners were easy to spot coming into Sky Harbor Airport Tuesday. Many of them were wearing their bright yellow marathon jerseys.

Friends Suzie Kramer and Lisa Kravets ran the race together. Suzie finished first and Lisa finished one minute before the bomb went off.  "It was just chaos. We all started running," said Lisa.

Lisa's story is similar to another Valley woman who finished about the same time. New mother and first-time Boston Marathoner Cynthia Lujan felt the blast and then panic set it. "My first thought was, 'what kind of cowards would do this?' My second thought was 'I'm glad I'm okay, but happier my new baby and husband didn't come.'"

For Derrick Detempler it is a completely different story. He ran his 5th Boston Marathon in good time and was already in his hotel when the blast went off. He didn't know about it until he turned on the TV. "I'm going to go back. Someone said if you stop doing the race it is letting the terrorists win," he said.

The other racers weren't so sure about returning to Boston. They're now focused on their final finish line that comes when they cross through their own front door.


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