Jodi Arias trial live video: Expert says suspect and prosecutor battling to maintain control

PHOENIX - A body language analyst who has been watching the Jodi Arias trial told ABC15 that the murder suspect has changed demeanors now that she is talking to the prosecutor and she may not always be truthful.

"She puts on an act and a half," said Renate Mousseux, a body language expert. "That woman knows how to act, how to pretend, how to make people believe her."

But Mousseux told ABC15 that Arias' body language sometimes appears to contradict the story she is trying to tell the jurors.

"If you look to the left, you very often make up the answer," Mousseux said as she watched Arias roll her eyes to the left during a question.

Arias is trying to frustrate the prosecutor, Juan Martinez, by making him rephrase questions and demanding extreme specificity, said Mousseux. "I think it's a given that he comes out better. In my opinion, she is overconfident."

Mousseux believes that Arias actually appeared more nervous when her own attorney was questioning her because Arias often touched her face on those days, which is a sign of uneasiness.

"Now, she sits more erect, more defiant," said Mousseux. "Her face is stone cold."

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