Bobcat carcasses dumped north of the Valley

PHOENIX - An ABC15 viewer, who would like to remain anonymous, says he was driving off-road with some friends near the Interstate 17 exit towards Old Black Canyon Highway, and what he saw behind a gate on that road, stunned him.

"There was a pile of what appeared to be about a dozen bobcat carcasses," said the anonymous viewer.

Skinned bobcats, dumped with only the fur on their paws, piled up in the dirt not far from the road.

Warning: Video contains graphic images

"It's a shame," said the viewer, "I was kind of ticked off actually, those are cool animals."

But according to Arizona Game and Fish, it's all legal, but not exactly ethical. Since bobcats are hunted for their skins, hunters aren't required to take the leftovers with them.

"Somebody kills a deer, they might bone it out right in the ground and leave the bones right where they killed it out in the middle of the desert," said David Rigo with Arizona Game and Fish. But right off the highway where somebody is going to find it is a bad place to be doing that.

Our anonymous viewer still thinks it's not right.

"I wasn't aware that it was the 19th century and we still had furriers out there trapping and doing that whole thing," said the viewer.

While Arizona Game and Fish isn't required to pick the bobcat carcasses up, they told us that they plan to clean it up in the next couple of days.

And if anyone seems similar dump offs in the future, please contact Game and Fish immediately.

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