Biological Resource Center update: Valley hospices reassure patients donating bodies to science

PHOENIX - Hundreds of phone calls have flooded the Arizona Attorney General's Office as the investigation into a Valley body donation business goes into its fourth day.

ABC15 spoke with several Valley hospices and they said they have social workers reaching out to patients signed on with Biological Resource Center.

Those who signed on to donate their bodies to science are still asking a lot of questions.

"That's probably the biggest concern, what do they do now," said Troy Loosle, a social worker.

Hospices, like Comprehensive Care, know some of their patients need help now. So they're visiting with them, explaining their options, but leaving decisions up to them.

"That's kind of what we're encouraging them to do, find the answers and make decisions that are best for them and their loved ones," Loosle said.

Loosle says every case is different and for many patients suffering from illnesses, more stress is the last thing they need.

"I think oftentimes they get overwhelmed with their disease process and then to have something like this, it just adds another stress to them," Loosle said. "So we really are at hospices to keep them happy and comfortable at the end of their life."

The Arizona Attorney General's Office has set up a hotline to help answer questions.

They've received 225 calls so far and responded to nearly all of them.

If you have questions you can call 602-542-8888 to leave a message. The hotline will be staffed all weekend.

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