Biological Resource Center update: Owner fires back amid investigation into body donation company

PHOENIX - Nearly a week ago, FBI agents and investigators from the Arizona Attorney General's office swarmed a Valley body donation business.

This past weekend, according to a spokesperson for the AG's office, the investigators concluded their search and seizure of items from Biological Resource Center in Phoenix.

As for why detectives removed dozens of bodies and body parts along with computers and thousands of pages of documents, nobody knows for sure.

Neither the FBI nor Attorney General's office will discuss what investigators are looking for or why exactly they served the search warrant on the company.

The owner of Biological Resource Center, Steve Gore, had his north Phoenix home searched as well and again, neither agency will say what detectives are after.

To be clear, no arrests have been made and nobody has been charged for any crimes.

While the investigative agencies maintain their silence citing an ongoing multi-state investigation, Gore is firing back.

The business owner took to his website, issuing a lengthy statement defending his business.

"As per the Attorney's General message to the public, little information has been made available. This lack of information has led many to speculate and to make incorrect conclusions," said Gore.

The Phoenix businessman continues, saying his business is used to help researchers, universities, medical device companies and educators.

"Biological Resource Center of Arizona does not provide organs or other tissues for transplantation." 

ABC15 went to Biological Resource Center on Tuesday and an employee said Gore would contact us. 

ABC15 has yet to hear back from Gore for an on-camera interview.

Federal and State investigators have declined interviews, telling ABC15 it may be weeks before they release any information on the investigation.

You can read the entire statement from Gore here.

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