Biological Resource Center update: Families left in limbo after Phoenix body donation raid

PHOENIX - Nearly three weeks after an FBI raid on a body donation business in Phoenix, the remains seized as evidence have been cleared for release back to the families who've been left in limbo.

Joyce Gingrich donated her mother's body hoping to help with Alzheimer's research and the raid happened days after her mother's death.

She says Biological Resource Center has reached out to her several times since the raid and been very helpful and compassionate in assuring her they will still follow through with paying for her mother's cremation.

Gingrich is not as happy with how the Attorney General's Office has handled the victims of this case.

She says it's been up to her to continuously call the hotline set up by the AG's office to get updated information and claims she has been passed between five different agents simply trying to figure out where her mother's body was taken after the raid.

"That's kind of tough when you're in the grieving process," Gingrich said.

Once she learned her mother's body was in the care of a mortuary in Sun City, she says her case agent told her on two occasions that she could still use Biological Resource Center to retrieve her mother's remains for final cremation.

When she followed up with Biological Resource Center, they told her they had not gotten the same information.

"I'm being told one thing by the Attorney General's office, Biological Resource is not being told the same thing."

Gingrich says she feels like her mother is viewed as just a number, not a person.

"Somebody used those words with me, 'we had the storage and cooler space' well these are not eggs, these are not apples."

The Attorney General's office says mortuaries are supposed to be reaching out to the families.

And, it is not working with Biological Resource Center as they are the focus of this investigation.

The Attorney General's office says it's trying to make each family a priority.

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