Arpaio sling fetches $2,600 on eBay, money to buy treadmills for abused animal unit

PHOENIX - The winner of an eBay auction to buy a sling worn by Sheriff Joe Arpaio will be in town on Thursday to pick it up from the sheriff himself.

Arpaio wore the sling while his broken shoulder was healing and then he decided to sell it on eBay.

The sling "fetched" $2,600 from a police canine trainer from California.

Buck Dikes will pick up the sling and get a tour of the sheriff department's MASH unit which cares for abused and neglected animals.

According to the Maricopa County Sheriff's Office, the money Dikes paid for the sling bought two dog treadmills to help the canines get the exercise they need during the hot summer months when walking on pavement could hurt their paws.

Dikes will be in town on Thursday morning to pick up the sling and tour the facility.

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