Arizona governor calls for tougher laws against human traffickers

PHOENIX - Besides the economy and education, Governor Jan Brewer touched on another tough topic during her State of the State address Monday.

She called on lawmakers to pass laws targeting human traffickers, calling it "modern-day slavery."

Police say it's a growing problem here in Arizona, one year away from the Super Bowl coming to the Valley.

Several organizations teamed up to kick off a public awareness campaign on the same day as the governor's remarks.

Governor Brewer wants to see laws passed that will give police and prosecutors more tools to fight the problem. She also wants to start a statewide human trafficking council.

Last year, Brewer created a human trafficking task force to examine the problem and come up with ways to fight it. She says this is the next step.

During her speech, Brewer paused to honor a trafficking survivor from Phoenix, Savannah Sanders.

Sanders escaped traffickers at just 17 years old. She now helps others do the same.

She was honored by lawmakers with applause and a standing ovation. Click here to read more about Savannah's story.

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