Arizona Department of Economic Security announces layoffs at Phoenix call center

The Department of Economic Security announced Thursday they are closing its Phoenix-based Unemployment Insurance Call Center resulting in the loss of 29 full time positions.

According to a press release, the closing is a result of a loss in federal funding for the administration of the Unemployment Insurance program.

Officials said there are fewer people claiming unemployment benefits. The high was 200,000 in 2010 compared to 75,000 today.

Due to the closure, starting in February, you will have to file claims online.

Claimants filing their weekly certifications will continue to do so via the internet application, mail or fax as they currently do. 

In addition to moving toward internet only filing of claims, the Department will implement a call-in schedule for individuals who have questions related to their claim. 

The schedule will be based on the last digit of the individual's Social Security Number. 

Scheduled days and SSN last digits will be as follows:

  • 1, 2 or 3  - calls are accepted on Monday
  • 4, 5 or 6  - calls are accepted on Tuesday
  • 7, 8 or 9  - calls are accepted on Wednesday
  • 0  - calls are accepted on Thursdays
  • Friday is open for anyone to call
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