Allergy problems: Severe sinus and allergy season in the Valley

PHOENIX - Doctors in the Valley are seeing a large number of patients with severe sinus and allergy symptoms this year.
In some cases the symptoms last several weeks and even months.
Miranda Comin and her family have had the symptoms almost non-stop. Her son Garrett suffered the worst of it. He's been to the doctor three times in the past few weeks, and it is not normal for him to go through these kinds of allergy problems.
"There are a lot of conditions this year that are really bringing those particulates down," said Dr. David Curran of East Valley Children's Center. He has been seeing patients with the symptoms daily and many have not had allergy problems in the past.
Most treatment is centering around decongestants and anti-histamines. The problems often progress to sinus infections requiring anti-biotic. 
Curran said the extreme allergy season doesn't mean we are set for a bad flu season necessarily. He does say though that those who have bad respiratory issues and have had problems this year should consider getting an early flu shot.

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