Accused serial rapist tries to change plea deal

PHOENIX - Accused Serial Rapist DeJuan Donaldson made a last attempt to save himself on Friday before he is sentenced to over 50 years in prison.

Donaldson plead guilty in January to the 2011 south Phoenix serial rape cases involving three young girls. 

One of the girls was just 10-years-old when Police say Donaldson lured her into a vacant home, before sexually assaulting her by knife point.

"I was forced to sign this plea," argued Donaldson at his sentencing hearing.

He added, "My attorney told me that I had no choice but to sign the plea or I was going to go to trial, lose, and die in prison."

Donaldson's defense attorney Christopher Winchell told the judge, "I never said there was no choice, I gave a legal opinion of what I thought would happen in trial."

Donaldson asked the judge to remove his attorney from his case, but the judge denied his request.

Donaldson then argued he was forced, coerced and intimidated into signing the plea bargain with the Maricopa County Attorney's Office.

"If I didn't sign the plea, she was going to prosecute me on my second case and bring additional charges against me," Donaldson told Judge William Brotherton.

Donaldson is referring to accusations that he plotted, allegedly with his mother to kidnap, torture and kill a Phoenix Police Officer.

Court Documents also show Donaldson allegedly tried to have the prosecutor on his case, Paula Dixon killed.

ABC15 spoke with Donaldson's mother Cherise Donaldson-Hatchett over the phone. She says the allegations that she plotted with her son to kidnap an officer is "untrue".

She would not comment any further on the case, or her son's plea change request.

Judge Brotherton denied both requests to remove Donaldson's attorney and change his plea.

He will be sentenced on April 19th.

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