A Phoenix arborist's message of peace for this new year

PHOENIX - A Phoenix arborist's message of peace is catching on.
Jesse Huffman of Arborvision Tree service posted a video on YouTube as he climbed up a hundred foot tree in his yard near I-17 and Northern to mount a lighted framework of a peace symbol.
"We are in the off season and I kind of needed to the exercise and stay in practice with climbing," he said.
Since, the response he has seen has him realizing his gesture means a little more.
"I'm sure people see it and hopefully feel good and get a break from the news.  Its been a horrible year for news," he said.  
After posting the video he's gotten dozens of people commenting and several other arborists following his lead by placing peace symbols in trees nationwide.    He's gotten at least 10 pictures in just a few days and says some people are making plans already for next year.
"Peace is universal," he said.  "It about all of us being good to each other."

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