6 arrested in 2 Phoenix drug busts

PHOENIX - Police say six people have been arrested following a drug bust at two Phoenix locations.

Phoenix police Sgt. Trent Crump said two search warrants were served, one near 100th Avenue and Indian School Road and the other near 35th Avenue and Happy Valley Road on Wednesday morning.

Four people were arrested at the first location including three men and a woman.

The arrests came after an investigation of several months involving Phoenix police and federal agents.

Authorities found five pounds of methamphetamine at the first location and marijuana and heroin were found at both locations. Police say the meth is worth $5,000 per pound.

Several guns were also found and two pit bulls were turned over to the Arizona Humane Society.

The people arrested were being questioned by police and Homeland Security.

Crump said those arrested could be linked to "violence in Phoenix" but wouldn't elaborate further.

"Certainly when we have narcotics investigations like this, and they're run like this, the capacity of the amounts we have here, there is violence associated with that," Crump said. "And so we're hoping we might get to the bottom of some of the violence we've had associated with the drug trafficking problem."

The house police raided didn't stand out much to neighbors living on Monterosa Street—until Wednesday.

"Well our dog was barking and I looked through the window to see what he was barking about," said Paula Bobzien.

Bobzien walked outside just in time to see police handcuff someone.

The house in question by police was just two doors down from where she lives with her husband.

"This is the first incident we've had since we've lived here since 1988," said her husband Carl.

The suspects could face drug and weapon violations charges.

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