5 tips to successfully complete PF Chang's Rock ‘n' Roll Arizona Marathon & Half Marathon

PHOENIX - Thousands will run the PF Chang's Rock ‘n' Roll Arizona Marathon & Half Marathon this weekend and running concierge Chris Heuisler has some tips to assure a successful run for all.

Heuisler first participated in the Valley marathon in 2004 and he's completed 26 marathons in 20 states. He ran the half marathon Friday morning to test out the track and is ready to share his tips.

1.  Don't do anything new, no new shoes, socks, or foods. Maybe a new song if you have a new jam. Heuisler understands that at the race expositions runners see new gadgets, sleeves and they want try them. You have to do what you practice. This can throw your race off.

2. Think outside the box of what your goals are, most people focus on time and pace. Try to think outside the box. "Don't let your time be the end result of your experience," he said. Some example goals: run the second half faster than first half, high-five volunteers, or pass 10 runners at the end of the race.

3. Compare yourself to yourself, you're a first time runner, you'll be with 19,000 other runners, he said. You're going to think that everyone else looks like more of a runner than you. "It's you versus you, not you versus anyone else."

4. High five another runner in your corral, you may see them at mile five or 10. Even though it's solitary, "runners find strength in numbers," he said.

5. Have fun!

Heuisler, a Boston resident, is currently training for the Boston Marathon in what he feels will be a monumental occasion.

"I get choked up just talking about it," Heuisler said.

The PF Chang's Rock ‘n' Roll Arizona Marathon & Half Marathon begins at 7:50 a.m. this Sunday, January 19. 

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