4 protesters arrested outside Phoenix Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility

PHOENIX - Authorities arrested four protesters who chained themselves to a gate outside an Immigration and Customs Enforcement facility in Phoenix Wednesday.

The four were taken into custody by federal authorities and Phoenix police after trying to disrupt operations at the ICE site for nearly two hours Wednesday afternoon.

Authorities say the four immigration activists chained themselves to a vehicle-access gate leading into agency's Phoenix Field Office. Police say they were later released.

TV video showed authorities using metal cutters to snap the chain before the four were arrested.

About 40 other protesters remain gathered on the sidewalk outside the ICE facility Wednesday night. They felt moved to take action when a bus they believe is carrying people destined for deportation, started to leave the facility.  

Protestors say they'll stay seated on the ground blocking the bus until the people on board are released and allowed to return to their families.

The activists are urging Congress to pass immigration reform that keeps families together, ends enforcement and creates a pathway to citizenship for those in the U.S. illegally.

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