Possibly drunk teens slam into Ahwatukee backyard

AHWATUKEE, AZ - A car crashing into an Ahwatukee backyard is the last straw for a neighborhood girl.

She says she has seen way to much bad driving.

"When I saw it I thought 'this is a disaster,'" said Sara Allen who lives across the street from the crash site.

It happened just before noon on Monday near 38th Street and Kachina Drive.

Police say three teens had left school early to drink at a nearby park. When they drove back through the area the driver lost control and slammed through a brick wall into the backyard. Bricks were scattered around the yard and across a play area built for kids.

"I could have been killed if I was on that swing" said Allen.

Allen says drivers often speed down this street, scaring her and other kids while they ride their bikes.

She wants to start a petition asking adults with authority to put up a speed bump or stop sign to get drivers to slow down and keep kids safe.

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