Sochi Olympics: Valley couple heading to Russia say they have no concerns

AHWATUKEE, AZ - Despite recent security threats in Sochi, the United States isn't telling Americans not to go. And, many spectators still have days before they fly out.

One Ahwatukee couple says they are excited to head to Russia to watch the games.

Bob and his wife Laura are heading to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, but some family members wish they would rethink their plans.

"They're a little worried," admits Laura Ross.

The couple is family friends of Valley native Lyndsey Fry who is playing for Team USA. in women's hockey.

Laura said, "Everyone always said, 'she's really good she could make it to the Olympics one day' well when they're six you're like 'ok sure' but now that she's 21 and she's going to the Olympics we're like 'well we have to go.'"

They also say they've seen the growing safety concerns surrounding the games.

"Anything could potentially happen in someone's life so why be afraid? Why live in fear?" asks Bob.

Even though Bob and Laura feel safe, they still decided to cover their bases just in case.

"Just to kind of protect ourselves to a degree...we updated our will," Bob admits.

They're all packed and ready for their two week adventure and say nothing will overshadow their friend's accomplishment.

"Go team Fry!" they cheer.

On Thursday, the TSA announced they're banning all liquids in carry-on bags to Russia.

This includes gels, aerosols and powders.

This is a response to information reported Wednesday that terrorists might conceal explosive materials in toothpaste and cosmetic tubes.

However, these items will be allowed in checked bags.

Passengers will also be allowed to board with prescription medications.

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