Protesters greet President Obama in Phoenix, want to talk about more than the economy

PHOENIX, AZ - Protesters lined the streets for hours on Tuesday, demanding to be heard during the President's visit to Phoenix.

And criticism came from both sides of the aisle.

Protesters waved signs and flags along 32nd Street outside of Desert Vista High School, as they waited for the President to arrive.

President Obama came to the Valley to address housing and the economy, but some protesters wanted to hear more. From immigration reform to gridlock in Washington, they voiced their concerns loud and clear.

"I don't see him being able to fix anything at this point, ‘cause he can't get Congress to work with him. He's not trying to help them," said Terri Ballway of Chandler.

She held up a sign saying "Impeach Obama." Ballway doesn't believe President Obama has done enough to get Phoenix and the rest of the country out of the housing crisis.

"I've had friends give their homes up because they had to go into foreclosure. That's not right. These people worked hard," she said.

Some of the protesters were with the Puente movement. They wanted the President to address immigration reform, and called for him to stop deporting illegal immigrants.

"Unfortunately on immigration issues we have no friends," said director Carlos Garcia. "Democrats are deporting record numbers of people and Republicans are creating laws like house bill 1070. So for us, we're here protesting Democrats just as much as Republicans."

Even though many of the protesters didn't get to see the President, they hope they brought more attention to their causes.

Supporters could also be found in the crowd, holding signs saying, "Arizona loves Obama," and "Happy Birthday, President."

"I just want to be out here to show President Obama that Arizona is a welcoming state. We respect our President," said Susan Hartzler of Ahwatukee.

Hartzler believes President Obama's policies are helping the economy, including the housing market here in Phoenix.

"It's much better," she said. "Better and better all the time. I just see good things ahead."

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