Furniture donation program growing after first year

PHOENIX - An Ahwatukee woman is making a difference with a furniture donation program she says has been a big success.

When Tami Jackson launched Furniture Bank in 2013 she never thought it would serve as many families as it has.

"It's bigger than I ever imagined," Jackson said. "Initially I thought maybe one a month out of my garage."

Instead she's helped 50 families, almost one for every week of the year.          

Furniture Bank helps those who've overcome homelessness to furnish their new homes.

Jackson said, "It puts them on a step toward putting that homelessness behind them and moving forward with their life."

The response by the families has been overwhelming. She doesn't meet them in person but said she hears from the people who deliver the furniture that they're "very grateful and appreciative."

It costs an average of $150 so they've just filed paperwork to be recognized as a non-profit organization, which will help get funds they desperately need.

"It gives their child a place to sleep at night, a dining room table to sit and have dinner," Jackson said.

The furniture sits in a storage locker waiting to bring joy to those who need it and Jackson says the future is bright for Furniture Bank.

"I never thought of the possibilities of helping this many families and I just see it going twice as big this next year," Jackson said.

She says it could take anywhere from six months to a year and a half to get established as a non-profit.

Jackson plans on holding a yard sale to help raise money for the expenses. It will take place Saturday, February 1 from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. at 4154 E. Silverwood Drive in Ahwatukee.

To learn more about Furniture Bank visit

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