Desert Vista High Students solve debt ceiling crisis during lunch break

AHWATUKEE, AZ - A debt ceiling debate? Not exactly something you'd expect to hear on a high school campus.

But in Ahwatukee, the Desert Vista High School debate team takes pride in tackling such topics.

"If we don't take action to lower our debt, it's going to be disastrous in the future," said debate team member Simon Essig-Aberg.

It's something they feel is missing in Washington D.C.

"It is all about the (political) parties right now," said debate team member Ben Kilano.

"If they don't vote on party lines and strictly party lines, they're afraid they're not going to win," added teammate Ryan Fedasiuk

Debate team member Michael Solomenstev had an even more sobering outlook.

"To some degree it's frustrating, but it's sort of the political reality of the time," said Solomenstev.

It took the House and Senate 16 days to come up with a deal to reopen the government.

In 30 minutes, four of the high school's debate team members discussed the issue in the classroom and a funny thing happened, they came up with a compromise.

"I think that we have a compromise," said Kilano.

The compromise?

"Reopening the government, ending the government shutdown until January and by January we mandated that Congress has to have a budget plan," said Kilano.

A debt ceiling compromise, essentially during their lunch break. It's a lesson they might want to take with them someday to Capitol Hill.

"I think that it's actually in (the House and Senate's) best interest to make a compromise because that's what the voters want," said Essig-Aberg.


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