Yarnell Hill Fire report: Widow Juliann Ashcraft has questions after report released

PRESCOTT, AZ - It's a tough day for families of 19 firefighters who died nearly three months ago fighting the Yarnell Hill wildfire.

It's heart breaking to read, hard to relive what happened on June 30.

But Juliann Ashcraft and her family dissect every word in a report released Saturday, hoping somewhere in the 120 pages she'll have the answers as to why her husband Andrew had to die.


"I had hoped that this would give some resolve, a little closure, an ability to work with what we know so we can move forward," Juliann said.

But so far the black and white of the pages leave the Ashcraft family still wondering.

"Things that didn't set easy is that there is a 30 minute window unaccounted for," Juliann said.

And after talking with fire investigators, there is no explanation as to how that could happen.

"There are precautions that could have been taken that could have saved them. I could be growing old with someone," Juliann said.

Precautions like a GPS tracking device, technology Andrew's old brother, T.J. -- who's already completed two tours in Iraq and Afghanistan -- says is a must have with every military unit.

"When you are fighting wildfires all you have to know is where your guys are at," he said.

And with the next fire season just six months away, the Ashcraft family will stop at nothing to prevent another family from feeling their pain.

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