Yarnell Hill Fire: Crews from around Arizona helping Prescott Fire Department

PRESCOTT, AZ - Firefighters from the Valley and across the state have been answering the call for help in Prescott.

Visiting fire departments are making sure the city is covered during a busy time of year with lots of events.

Any firefighter will tell you they have a bond, no matter where they come from, which is why you see shirt after shirt from fire companies around the country in Prescott right now.

It is also why crews from around the state have come to Prescott to back up the local department.

For Mesa fire Capt. Jim Barnhart and his crew Friday was like any other day in the truck.

But they're not in the Valley and it's far from a typical shift. The loss of 19 men has sent a shockwave through the entire firefighting profession.

Emotionally it's crippled the Prescott Fire Department. So Mesa firefighters, along with several from around Arizona are answering their call for help.

"It's what we do, this is a brotherhood and sisterhood," Barnhart said.

Barnhart said Prescott firefighters are with family members, grieving and helping to support each other.

He said he expects the connection he feels with others on the job but he says what has blown him away is the reaction from the community.

"We got out of the truck and received a standing ovation at a bus stop," Barnhart said. "Get goosebumps just talking about it."

His crew is quickly learning that in Prescott one of the most powerful things on the truck that can help someone heal is a uniform and open arms.

Mesa fire has crews working 48-hour shifts for the next six days.

Barnhart said he counted six other fire departments helping out in Prescott, just on Friday.

And between shifts they're all stopping by the memorial to the Granite Mountain Hotshot crew to pay their own respects.

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