Thomas Reyes threatens store employee with chainsaw

PRESCOTT, AZ - Authorities say a Prescott man is in custody for allegedly stealing a chainsaw from a store and then threatening an employee with it.

Prescott police say 27-year-old Thomas Reyes is being held at the Yavapai County Jail on suspicion of armed robbery.

They say Reyes allegedly stole an 18-inch chainsaw from the display shelf inside a Sears store Thursday.

As he was leaving the store, an employee confronted Reyes.

Witnesses say Reyes turned toward the employee, raised the chainsaw in a threatening manner and yelled "back off."

Reyes then fled the scene but witnesses gave police information on the car he was driving.

Officers located the vehicle and arrested Reyes at his home after finding the stolen chainsaw in his possession.

It was unclear Friday if Reyes has a lawyer.

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