Prescott Fire Chief Dan Fraijo claims he was forced to resign after deaths of Yarnell 19

PRESCOTT, AZ - Prescott Fire Chief Dan Fraijo is speaking out for the first time since he turned in his letter of resignation to the city.

City officials say Fraijo handed his notice to the City Manager and Assistant City Manager during a scheduled meeting last week.

According to the city, resigning was Fraijo's decision. But that's not the way the Chief sees it.

"It was a surprise for me, I wasn't prepared. But that's the way of doing business," said Fraijo.

Fraijo told ABC15 he would never voluntarily leave the men and women of the fire department, especially after losing 19 men to the Yarnell Hill Fire.

Fraijo said both sides had an agreement to give 30 days notice of termination.

He said the City Manager terminated the agreement and it was not his idea.

City officials are sticking to the their original statement, saying Fraijo was not asked to resign. 

Fraijo worked with the Fire Department for over 50 years and started as a firefighter.

He will step down from his position with the Prescott Fire Department on November 15.


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