Granite Mountain Hotshot Girls hold fundraiser for Yarnell Hill fire victims who lost their homes

PRESCOTT, AZ - The parking lot at Celtic Crossings in Prescott was full on Sunday afternoon, all thanks to the Granite Mountain Hotshot Girls.  

The group is made up of wives and fiancées of the 19 fallen Hotshots who died while fighting the Yarnell Hill Fire in June.

The women decided to put together an event to help heal the hurt and bond with others who were affected by the flames. "We're just beginning to do that," said Karen Norris who lost her son. "This event is doing that."  

They say it's finishing the job their loved ones started on the front lines. Leah Fine, who lost her fiancé Grant McKee, says her mission is to continue his. "I just know that's what he would've wanted," she says. "It sort of helps me get out of myself and realize I'm not the only one that's hurting right now. I'm still capable of helping other people and making a difference."

The fundraiser included silent auctions, 50/50 raffles, even Christmas ornaments for those who lost their homes. All money brought in from the event benefits the victims who lost their homes. Norris remembers the outpouring of support when she lost her son. "We felt like we were completely showered with warmth and kindness and generosity.  We thought of those families."

Sunday's event was a fundraiser for the Yarnell Hill Recovery Group. An all-volunteer organization helping people rebuild their homes and their lives; just like Steve Keehner.  

"It's amazing how everybody's come together," he said.

Steve lost his cabin and the group's helping him rebuild. Even organizers dug through the debris. "I never would have expected a sister and an aunt of one of the fallen to help us clean up."

Both sides lost gig things in their lives, some irreplaceable. Now, they're each making a difference – a difference 19 heroes were fighting for.

"Houses can be replaced, they can't. I want everybody to remember them forever," said Steve.

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