2-acre fire in Rye forces evacuation of about 20

RYE, AZ - Crews worked overnight into Sunday on a huge fire at a lot for old bikes and motorcycles in Rye, Arizona, just south of Payson.

It sparked Saturday evening at a business called All Bikes.

Forty years of hard work and dedication are now little more than ashes.

"I've loved bikes since I was a little boy," said owner Ron Adler who also lives on the property along Highway 87. 

The lot is like a resting place for all things on two wheels, including some antiques dating back to the 1800s.

"I sold pop bottles for my first bike then got a paper route and bought a motorcycle and it's gone on since then" Adler said.

Four mobile homes at an RV park next door were destroyed. Nobody was hurt.

The town of Rye does not have a fire department so fire crews from several nearby agencies put out the fire by driving in water in tankers, 3,000 gallons at a time with a 40-minute round trip.

A shelter is set up at the Payson High School Gymnasium for 40 displaced people including a couple of kids.

Food and water, cots and showers providing a little relief, courtesy of the American Red Cross. 

"This is neighbors helping neighbors and this community has really stepped up." said volunteer Trudy Thompson Rice.

Ron feels lucky to survive the fire and vows to rebuild. The flames can burn metal but they won't steal his lifelong dreams.

If you would like to help Ron Adler rebuild his business through donations you can reach his business at 928-474-2526. And the American Red Cross at www.redcross.org


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