Yarnell prepares for heavy rain storm

YARNELL, AZ - Residents in an area devastated by a huge wildfire in northern Arizona this past summer are keeping a close eye on the skies this weekend.

Some residents were concerned about flooding after the Yarnell Hill Fire, but thanks to grant money the county's made major improvements.

Karla Segale has owned rental property near Miller Creek since 2008. It's an area right in the flood zone.
"All the homes were lined with sandbags," Segale said Thursday.

Thirty-five thousand in fact, given out by Yavapai County following this summer's massive wildfire.
"Because they knew that the monsoon season was coming up and they needed to protect their homes," Segale said.

During the past four months the county's flood management team has been taking action on Shrine Road, widening the lane, installing new culverts and digging new trenches.

"They widened that whole area. There was just one culvert, there are now four. They widened the creek bed out so they completely took away trees and a lot of vegetation that was there and widened it," Segale said.

Proactive measures because of the fire -- the burned vegetation not able to soak up the moisture.
"I think they're taking an active role helping with the recovery," Segale said.

Volunteers helped with clearing out the creek beds, remaining branches, and debris. They're enhancements that seem to be working.

"The monsoons were strong this year and the creek definitely did its job and the culverts did their job," Segale said. "I think they did a fabulous job I'm not concerned about it now."

The county isn't too concerned either but says it will monitor the weather over the next few days and keep an eye on the gauges.

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