Yarnell Hill Fire: Some residents stay behind even as fire threatens their homes

YARNELL, AZ - Days after fire crews evacuated the town of Yarnell, a few rebels remain. Among them Bruce and Terri Oliver who live east of highway 89.

"It's a bit eerie, but there's a lot of firefighters and a lot of sherriffs and Prescott Valley police driving up and down the main road." Terri told ABC15 in a phone interview.

Terri said she and her husband felt the fire was far enough away that it was safe to stay, even though the area had no power or water for the past few days.

"My husband and I are "preppers" so we had enough water and food stockpiled to where we could take care of ourselves," Terri explained.

The couple also have four dogs, making it difficult to leave. They are also helping to care for neighboring animals left behind in the rush to evacuate.

For the past few days, the Olivers have kept a close eye on the shifting direction of the fire, prepared for the worst.

"We did pack our car with all the necessaries just in case we had to get out," Terri said. "We put up border areas to where if it were coming to a certain perimeter then we were going to go ahead and go up to Prescott."

The Oliver home sits high above the town of Yarnell and she looks out at what will be the most lasting memory for her. The ground where 19 firefighters gave their lives saving her town.

"I can see the area where they passed away, I'm hoping they put up some kind of remembrance of them, " Terri sadly said.

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