Michael Ruiz's parents plan to sue Phoenix police after their son's death in August

BULLHEAD CITY, AZ - The parents of a man who died after a run-in with Phoenix police are still waiting for answers.

Richard and Yolanda Erickson lost their son Michael Ruiz after a confrontation with police in August.

Witnesses caught it all on camera as police tried to help Michael off the roof of his apartment complex

After watching the cell phone video, Richard, who spent nearly 30 years with the Los Angeles Police Department, says he's never seen anything like this.

According to the police report, officers used a stun gun on him several times when they couldn't get him to cooperate.

"I don't know if their policy changed or if they just don't care about their policy. But it's in their use of force policy that you do not Tase any individual that's up at a height where they can fall and endanger themselves," Richard told ABC15.

The video shows police surround Michael once he jumps from the roof. They seem to put him in a choke-hold and proceed to drag him down the stairs.

"He choked for over five minutes, and he was turning... he was turning red then blue. And they just didn't seem to care," Richard said.

Michael's parents are still waiting on his cause of death from the medical examiner, but no matter the outcome, the family says they plan on filing a lawsuit.

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