Government shutdown update: Bearizona Wildlife Park staying open during budget battle

WILLIAMS, AZ - Unlike its neighbor the Grand Canyon National Park, Bearizona Wildlife Park is staying open despite the government shutdown.

With their intended destination closed, many travelers chose to visit Bearizona's drive-thru wildlife park on Tuesday, according to a report from the park.

"While government sleeps, we keep working," their sign reads.

Although an estimated 800,000 to one million federal employees are out of work, Bearizona park staff are staying busy by working on new exhibits and caring for the animals. 

Bearizona Wildlife Park Owner and CEO Sean Casey contributed his opinion of the shutdown.

"It is clear that the shutdown was not meant to save money, but taunt a pack of wolves --the American tax payers and small business owners-- in hopes of getting the two parties to unlock their horns," he said.

The Bearizona Wildlife Park in Williams features bears, wolves, bison, big horn sheep and numerous other animals that are displayed in large, natural habitats. 

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