Contaminated gas sold in Arizona: Gas sold at 10 stations across northern Arizona

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - A total of 10 stores across northern Arizona received contaminated gas last week from a northwestern New Mexico refinery.

Western Refining spokesman Gary Hanson says a gasket failed, allowing water to leak into a petroleum storage tank near Gallup last week. The company has established a claims hotline at 1-877-511-1012.

The contaminated gas was also sold at 10 additional convenience stores across parts of New Mexico and Colorado.

In Arizona, it went to stores in Springerville, Show Low, Teec Nos Pos, Holbrook, Flagstaff, Pinon, St. Johns and Keams Canyon. See the complete list of Arizona locations below.

COP     138 W. Main     Springerville     85938

Shell     1790 S. White Mountain Road     Show Low     85901

COP     1981 E. Deuce of Clubs     Show Low     85901

Mustang     Jct 64 & 160     Teec Nos Pos     86514

Maverick     1301 Navajo Blvd     Holbrook     86025

Safeway     900 W. Deuce of Clubs       Show Low     85901

Mobil     3960 N. Country Club Drive     Flagstaff     86004

COP     Intersection of BIA Rte 4 & 41     Pinon     86510

Apache County     120 County Road     St. Johns     85936

Keams Canyon     403 Hwy 264     Keams Canyon     86034

So far 300 people have filed claims. 60 claims have been filed in Arizona because of the bad gas.

Warning signs include the engine missing, stuttering, or a check engine light that just won't go off. It may even quit running.

Customers who have filled up with the contaminated gas may have issues that could take up to two days to fix at a cost up to $1,000.

Western Refining is paying for repairs, provided there's documentation for the Oct. 8 gasoline purchases at the affected stores along with any repairs that have been made.

Two stores in far southwestern Colorado also received contaminated gas. The supplies since have been replaced.

In a letter on the company's website, Hanson said, "We appreciate your business and are sorry this has happened.  We want to correct this situation for anyone that was impacted by our mistake. If you purchased fuel on October 8 from any of the stores listed below please call 877-511-1012 and we will assist you in your claim."

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