11 dogs and puppies abandoned on Independence Day at Cottonwood animal shelter

COTTONWOOD, AZ - Cottonwood's Adopt for Life Center for Animals is overwhelmed after 11 dogs and puppies were abandoned in their parking lot on the Fourth of July.

According to the Verde Independent, the three adults, two juveniles and six puppies were infested with worms, fleas and ticks. 

Additional staff came to help with the influx as it took hours to fully treat just half the dogs.

Volunteers at the Center assumed that the dogs were abandoned by their owner to avoid $550 in fees.

As a no-kill shelter, the Center charges $50 per dog dropped off to cover the costs of caring for it, according to the report.

The volunteers refer to the animals as their Fourth of July dogs and have named them Freedom, America, Firecracker and other patriotic terms.

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