FD: 2 rescued from flooded road in downtown Flagstaff

FLAGSTAFF, AZ - Two people had to be rescued after being trapped in their vehicle while driving through a flooded road Friday afternoon.

Fire Captain Bill Morse said when firefighters arrived to the scene near Leroux Street and Cottage Avenue in downtown Flagstaff, they found two vehicles submerged in almost four feet of water.

Morse said one of the vehicles was unoccupied and the other vehicle had two people trapped inside.

Morse said swift water was pushing against the doors and water was flooding the passenger compartment of the car.

Firefighters were able to access the driver's door window from a the bucket on a fire truck's ladder. The victims were handed floatation devices and pulled out of the car window to safety.

Morse said no one suffered any injuries.

Officials say the driver was not cited with Arizona's "Stupid Motorist Law" but the police report has been sent to the City Attorney's office for further review.



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