Wounded veteran Joshua Bullis surprised with I-BOT wheelchair

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Joshua Bullis' life was changed forever during his 2010 tour in Afghanistan.

"I was on a mission and was hit by an IED. Everything after that was pretty hazy," said Joshua.

The explosion left Joshua a triple-amputee. He lost both legs above the knee and his left arm above the elbow. The past three years has been a challenge for him, including getting fitted with prosthetics, learning to walk and getting used to life in a wheelchair.

"It helps me get around and not have to rely on people but it's limiting," said Joshua.

When Friends of Freedom, a local non-profit, American Airlines and the Huey 091 Foundation, heard Joshua's story, they wanted to do something to help.

Not only did they fly in two of Joshua's closest platoon mates, but they gave him a gift that will forever change his life. The I-BOT, a high-tech wheelchair that uses four-wheel drive was given to Joshua for his service and all that he's overcome.

"It changed my life and it will do the same for him. Things you never thought possible," said Eddie Beesley.

Eddie lost both his legs during his service in the Vietnam War. For more than four decades, he lived life similar to Joshua's, until he got his I-BOT in 2010.

Friends with Freedom brought Eddie to Arizona to help teach Joshua how to use his new mode of transportation.

"It's incredible. It lifts you up to six feet high so you can speak to people at the same level. It hops over curbs and drives through tough terrain. Just life-changing," said Eddie.

"I couldn't be more thankful. Just to be able to reach shelves in a grocery store, or different cupboards around the home. It's going to be great," said Joshua.


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