Warm weather means we need to look out for snakes!

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - You expect snakes to come out when we get closer to summer, but when Arizona's sunshine heats things up a little bit early snakes don't mind one bit.

"They get a little bit curious," said Nate Deason at the Phoenix Herpetological Society.

Deason said in Arizona we need to keep an eye out for rattlesnakes. We know to listen for that telltale rattle in the Arizona desert, but Deason said you shouldn't assume there aren't any snakes in your own backyard.

"Keeping your eyes out around the sides of the house, any planters or anything else that they can hide in, things like that," he said.

If you do run into one, Deason says turn around and walk the other way. 

And if you think it's a potentially dangerous snake you can call the Phoenix Herpetological Society to come check it out.

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