Valley woman counts blessings after shootings injure 2 tribal officers and suspect

A Valley woman is counting her blessings following a shootout involving Salt River police outside her sister's home.  
Two officers and a suspect were shot Friday afternoon in the Salt River Pima-Maricopa Indian Community.
Denise Carlos was inside her sister's home doing laundry when she heard banging noises. Turns out, it was gunfire and she almost walked right into it.  
"I put clothes in the laundry and the doors were shut," she said. "I was standing right here (pointing to the door) when all of that was going on. And good thing I didn't open this door, like I said I would've got shot."
Salt River police were out in force Friday apparently looking for a man with a gun. Denise said he was right near her sister's water heater. Some gunfire residue was still visible on the wall. She even counted 25 bullet holes outside.
"I came right here, and I heard one hit the window and that's when I really got scared, and I tried to come out here and open the door and he told me to ‘get the F back inside,'" Denise said.
Officers with the Salt River Police Department taped the area off and the FBI was brought in since the shooting happened on tribal land. Denise says the young man was eventually taken down in the driveway.
"I looked over there," she says, "and he was face down with his hands behind his back handcuffed and he had no clothes on, just underwear and you could see he was all bloody on his arm."
The whole incident is still causing shock.
"It was surreal, it was crazy, I can't explain it, you know I was scared," Denise says.
A feeling that will likely last well past when the holes are fixed.  
"When it was all said and done I freaking cried I was like 'oh my gosh' because if I would've come out this way I would've been hit," she says.
Both the officers and the suspect are expected to survive.  
We're still waiting for more information from Salt River Police and the FBI, including how this all started in the first place and the names of everyone involved. We've been calling and emailing both departments but still haven't heard back.
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