Valley visitors surprised by snow

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Vacationers come to the Valley to get away from the cold and snow, so imagine their disappointment when they ran into some of the worst of it.

Visitors told ABC15 News the weather at their homes in Colorado and Utah was more pleasant than it was in Arizona on Wednesday.



"Called home today because they were supposed to get snow all week," Utah resident Ralph Arnold explained. "It was 44 degrees and sunny."

Ralph, his wife Sharon, and their friends from Colorado, Connie and Bert Gonzales, are staying at Talking Stick Resort and Casino. They wanted to spend their entire time enjoying the outdoors, not stuck inside avoiding the freezing, wet weather.

"A couple days ago it was 70 degrees," Connie Gonzales said. "We were all excited, put our lawn chairs out, sat out there relaxed and had a great time today is like, not a great time." 

Heavy blizzard-like snow and hail froze the couple's vacation plans in their tracks. Many Valley visitors were caught completely by surprise. Many people packed only just sandals, shorts, and t-shirts in their suitcases.

Despite what Mother Nature has in store for Ralph, Sharon, Connie, and Bert, they are determined to make the most their stay in this "so-called" Arizona desert.

"Bummed, but it's been fun though. Coming to the casino, hanging out; at least we found something fun to do inside," Sharon said.

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