Valley vacationers caught off-guard by Arizona temperatures

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Arizona's cold weather isn't sitting well for thousands of visitors coming into town for auto auctions, vacationing, or golf.

Many Valley businesses are dealing with cancelations or rearranging reservations due to the freezing temperatures.

McCormick Ranch Golf Club in Scottsdale was forced to open three hours late on Monday, while they waited for frost to melt off the course. They are seeing half of the usual 100 to 200 golfers they usually see this time of year.

The golfers who chose to brave the winds at McCormick Ranch couldn't do it without shopping for weather-appropriate attire first.

"I just walked back to my car to put another layer on because it's pretty cold today. The wind is not helping any. Every few holes sometimes you can take a little bit of clothes off but it seems like you're putting it right back on as soon as the wind picks up," said one golfer from Pennsylvania.

"I think it's all about your desire to do it. Being from Canada, I'm used to this cold weather. I didn't really pack for it coming to Arizona, but I'm not going to let it stop me from playing the game," said golfer, Don Dewinetz.

The delays at McCormick Ranch were mild in comparison to the Silverado Golf Course in Scottsdale. A broken sprinkler valve caused water to shoot out and freeze the trees and portions of the course Saturday night.

Silverado staff said the ice is not in the way of any major courses. They will wait for the ice to melt away.

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