Valley residents spotting more snakes; big temperature changes have reptiles confused

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - David Petino is accustomed to visitors at his north Scottsdale home during the holiday season, but he recently had one "not so-welcome" guest slither right up to his front door.

"It was laying here, and it was dormant so it didn't move, so we called the fire department and they came out," he said.

Petino says rapid changes in temperature can make the snakes much more active.

"We've had them out here all along the fence. We've even had them back here by the fireplace," he explained.

Scottsdale firefighters agree, telling us they've seen a spike in the number of calls to remove snakes.

"We've had calls from the front door, to the garage, to the interior," Mike MacCrone with Scottsdale Fire Department said.

They say the snakes are simply looking for a place to ride out the cooler temps.

"I think that what's happening is that up until this last week, our weather has been fairly warm, and snakes don't live by the calendar, so they don't understand they should be looking for a place to hibernate for the wintertime," he said.

Firefighters say if you come across a snake, leave it alone. If it's posing an imminent threat, they will come out and remove it.

Otherwise, be alert, watch your step, and listen for that telltale rattle.

"Always watch where you're walking, because, you could be walking right into them or walking right on top of them," Petino said.


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