Valley residents determined to work and play in the rain

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - While some tried to stay indoors during the rain Wednesday morning, others didn't let it ruin their day.

In Scottsdale the rain drenched a lot of walkers. They tried hard to stay dry with umbrellas and rain coats, but it was pretty much impossible to avoid getting soaked.

Especially for those who had to work in it.

One Scottsdale construction worker said, "It's better than the heat I guess."

The rain made a muddy mess out of the dirt lot they were working in and an even bigger mess out of them.

"The mud, obviously it gets all over and kind of gets stuck," he commented.

But others turned the rainy day into a play day on the golf course.

"We're out here visiting our son and we made golf reservations. We said we were going to keep it so we did it," said a golfer.

Visiting the Valley from Michigan, the brave bunch made the best of their soggy situation.

"It's better than being in the snow, it's warm here compared to there!"

If their shots were off, they blamed it on the rain.

"It's cold, I'm soaking wet, the seats are all wet, the clubs are all wet, my hands are freezing," said another golfer.

One man tried to stay optimistic despite missing several shots in a row.

He said, "I made it through three holes so far and hopefully I'll make the whole 19."

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