Suspected burglar sneaks into Scottsdale home through doggie door, chased down by former Marine

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - A burglar crept into a Scottsdale home Thursday morning through a doggie door and remained undetected until the alarm clocks woke up the couple living there.

"The guy was so quiet, so silent," said the homeowner, who lives near Chaparral and Pima roads.

She noticed the man in the hallway and sent her boyfriend, who was in the next room, a text thinking the stranger might be his friend.

"There's a strange man here?" she wrote in the text.

Her boyfriend, a former Marine, chased after the man, jumping fences and running down several streets until police showed up.

Scottsdale police arrested John Akins, 25, and charged him with burglary and resisting arrest.

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