Scottsdale's 'Bronze Cowboy' calling it quits for the season

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - The Bronze Cowboy is about to call it quits for the season after days of surprising the tourists in town for Spring Training.

"It's total concentration," the Bronze Cowboy said.

His real name is Keith Stamets and he's been creating this work of art for a few years in the Valley and his videos of those "surprise moments" are posted all over YouTube.

"I'm worried about scaring people," he told ABC15. "I don't want to scare anybody, so I always let them make the first move."

He reveals himself as a "real person" when someone either sits next to him or touches him.

Stamets said the weather is becoming too warm, so this weekend will most likely be his last for the season.

He usually positions himself near the intersection of Main Street and Brown Avenue in Old Town Scottsdale.

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