Scottsdale skate park fee upsets kids, parents

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - An effort to keep kids safe at a Valley skateboarding park has parents and children frustrated.

The McDowell Mountain Ranch skate park in Scottsdale installed a gated monitoring to help control inappropriate activity including vandalism, bullying, loitering and graffiti.

The system will go live in mid-July along with a payment for users: $1 for a drop-in fee and $26 for six months.

It's a charge the city of Scottsdale feels is a small price to pay for increased security, but those who use the park couldn't disagree more.

"My experience has been good. I haven't seen any bullying here," said one father.

"It's just unfair for those who respect the park to now have to be punished like this," said park user Spencer Dare.

Many of the kids who use the park come on a daily basis, for hours at a time. The changes enforced by the city has many making plans to start skating at parks that are free.

"My parents drop us off and pick us up at 10 at night. That's how much we love it. It's just not fair to start charging for something we love," said Dare.

The city of Scottsdale is looking to install a similar system at Wedge Skate Park.

Due to the location of the park near a floodway, the Indian Bend Wash greenbelt, they are exploring other options for the Wedge to monitor the behavior.

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