Scottsdale program helps elderly residents 'Beat the Heat'

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - With near-record temperatures around the Valley, seniors can become easy victims of the heat so it's important to check on them, which a volunteer program is pledging to do.

More than 50 seniors die every year from the heat in our community, but the Scottsdale program is taking action to protect people.

The city's "Beat the Heat' campaign started last week; 21 volunteers go door-to-door to visit the elderly that are homebound.

"It allows us to check on them and make sure they are okay," said social worker Jennifer Murphy.

The group delivers 225 bags filled with water bottles, Gatorade, lotion and grocery store gift cards.

"There are all these wonderful things, and we really need this because sometimes we can't get these items and it's always nice for them to visit," said Ida Via, who benefits from the "Beat the Heat" program.

The visits give volunteers the opportunity to make sure seniors are taken care of and also that their air conditioning units are working. 

Services are available across the Valley. Just call your local senior center to find out what programs they offer.


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