Scottsdale police, HAZMAT investigate 'fume leak' at business

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Fire crews have cleared the scene after handling a gas leak at a Scottsdale business Friday morning.

Scottsdale police said a Hazardous Materials team responded to a "fume leak" at the Boar's Head Plant near 79th Street and Gray Road.

Officials said workers inside the plant began to complain about headaches and nausea. One worker had driven himself to the hospital before fire crews arrived, according to Division Chief Jay Ducote.

When crews arrived they found nine workers complaining of headaches. Ducote said all were checked out at the scene and three were taken to area hospitals for treatment of their symptoms.

Ducote said hazmat crews detected high readings of carbon monoxide in the warehouse.

The area was ventilated but it took some time to get the CO to normal levels.

Ducote said the problem was isolated to a propane powered forklift.

Business owners were eventually allowed back into the building and the forklift was taken out of service for inspection.

Crews from the Phoenix Fire Department assisted Scottsdale during the incident.


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