Scottsdale PD: 3 made bomb threats to divert police

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Three Calexico, Calif., men are accused by Scottsdale police of making bomb threats to two schools to divert police during a planned robbery of a rare-coin shop.

Police say the men were arrested this week after telephone records and other information led detectives to a store where the men were observed nearby.

Items recovered included a handgun and a pre-paid cellphone allegedly used to make the bomb threats.

The schools affected were Desert Mountain and Chaparral high schools.

Police identified the men as 25-year-old Daniel Alberto Verdin, 42-year-old Davyd G. Jimenez and 25-year-old Sanches Moises Ortiz.

According to police, the men face several charges, including felony disruption of a school and conspiracy.

It's not immediately known whether they have lawyers.

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