Salon signals: How to spot an unsanitary spas

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Amanda Barry knows about expensive pedicures.

She says she got one, "ranging from $300 to $500." But, it wasn't just her wallet that was in pain.

"I couldn't walk for a couple of days without being in pain and with all of the medical bills, it was a hefty price to pay," she explains.

Barry got a serious infection from her pedicure. So, we asked AJ Pariani, with 20 Lounge Nail Bar in Scottsdale, to explain how to know if your salon is sanitary. She says look for three things. 

First, make sure the tools are cleaned and sterilized.

"They should use the brush and soap and water to clean, and then their tools should be put in barbicide," she says.

Barbicide is a disinfectant and Pariani says it's the second thing to pay attention to. She explains it needs to be bright blue in color and crystal clear.

"There should be no fogginess, no particles floating around," she says.

Third, Pariani says the pedicure bowls should be easily removed and cleaned after every client. She says be wary of salons that use automatic foot tubs for pedicures. She explains the pipes suck in all of the dead skin and germs scraped from your feet.

"All of that dirt just kind of sits in the pipes, bacteria grows, it can come out, and that's what gets on your feet," she explains.

What's worse, Pariani told us those pipes are impossible to clean.

"You can have over 10 different types of bacteria in one foot bath," she says.

That's enough to keep Barry on her toes, looking for the signs of an unsanitary salon.

"It's worth it to not hop into a place really quick ... and pay the price later on," she says.

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