Rory Stevenson update: Scottsdale company pays for West Nile Virus patient's flight to Seattle

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Rory Stevenson's son describes his father as a caring man.

"He does everything he can for other people, he's not selfish," said 24-year old Blake Stevenson.

Rory moved to the Valley in May and unfortunately caught the West Nile Virus in that short time. He's a native of Seattle, Washington and his family desperately needed money to fly him back to his hometown.

He's still in a coma and the costs to transport him by plane would have cost in the tens of thousands of dollars.

But thanks to AeroCare, an air ambulance company based out of Scottsdale, this will no longer be an issue. The company provided the family with an unselfish gesture of their own -- flying Rory back to Washington for free.

"On that plane, you're looking at (costs) typically under $18,000, maybe $17,500," said Alex Quintana, Aerocare flight coordinator. (The family) was very overtaken emotionally that we would cover this expense for them."

"It's a gesture that's given hope to a family in need of it.

"People are willing to help and spend all this money on someone they don't even know," said Blake. "It just shows that this country is a good country."

Rory was expected to land in Seattle around 4 p.m. and be transported to a nearby hospital. The family had initially set up a website to raise funds for Rory's air transportation. The website is still active, with funds going toward other medical costs.

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