Republican Governors Association: Republican governors meeting in Scottsdale

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - Nearly all the nation's Republican governors are set to be in Scottsdale for the next three days at the annual meeting of the Republican Governors Association.

Confirmed attendees include New Jersey's Chris Christie, Louisiana's Bobby Jindal and Rick Scott of Florida. Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer is also attending, but RGA officials say Wisconsin's Scott Walker and one other governor will miss the event.

The association is the main political organization for the nation's 30 GOP governors. The event at the Phoenician resort focuses on strategy and Republican public policy goals.

Political insiders tell ABC15 the topics will include the GOP image, business and luring the Latino vote.

Texas Governor Rick Perry agreed.

"Not every Hispanic is going to be voting straight Democrat party," said Perry. 

When asked if the issue was indeed a main topic of closed door meetings between the Governor's, Perry answered, "I think it can be and it should be."

Perry was quick to point out his success in luring the Latino vote in Texas and went on to say he thinks other Republicans should do the same.

"It's about being pro family, pro business and pro patriotic, look at our military and Hispanics are a big part of our military, that's the message the Republican Party has for the Hispanic voter and I think they'll do quite well in these 2014 elections."

Political expert Jaime Molera, a Republican, agreed his party is focused on the Latino vote.

"The governors realize that and they're trying to discuss how do we hit that on the head and how do we develop a way to communicate our message without continuing to antagonize Latinos from coming to the polls," said Molera from his Phoenix office. "It is after all simple mathematics, the Latino population is the fastest growing population in this country."

The meetings continue Thursday at the Phoenician Resort and most will be closed to members of the media.

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