Nextdoor app connects people in hundreds of neighborhoods

SCOTTSDALE, AZ - In this age of technology, you can personally connect to someone on the other side of the world.

But, what about the neighbors on the other side of your fence?

There's an app for that, bringing together everyone in your neighborhood to discuss issues that are important to you.

Nextdoor has already connected people in hundreds of neighborhoods in the Valley. But this private social network, which you can now access on your smartphone, is about a lot more than socializing.    

C.J. Diegel has lived in Scottsdale for three years. These days, like most of us, he doesn't know everyone in his McCormick Ranch Neighborhood. But, ever since he downloaded the Nextdoor app on his iPhone, he says he has gotten to know his neighbors better.

"Certainly outside of this street, I'll say that without a doubt," he says.

Nextdoor is a private network that's truly local. You can ask questions, get recommendations for local services and meet your neighbors.

"Even something as simple as I put on there free tickets to anyone who can use them. First response, come and get them," Diegel explains.

Neighbors post anything and everything from items for sale to safety concerns.

"Notification that someone who has a restraining order against them is walking through the neighborhood or a bobcat is at the swimming pool keep your dogs inside," says Diegel.

He says getting immediate crime information in his neighborhood is invaluable, "One of our neighbors had had several packages stolen from their front porch, Fed Ex packages, that's good awareness."

What you and your neighbors make of the app is completely up to you. In McCormick Ranch, the connections have gone far beyond the expected.

One of the neighbors had a greeting card company and was looking for someone to come fill a job on short notice and put out an ad on Nextdoor, and another person who was looking for a job, responded.

As far as privacy issues, Diegel says he hasn't had any problems. In fact, before you can sign up, the company has to verify that you live in that neighborhood.

Right now, you can only get the app for the iPhone, but anyone can access the program online.  

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